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St. Charles’s Church

St. Charles Church is located directly at Vienna Karlsplatz and is close to other Vienna attractions as the Naschmarkt and the Secession.

St. Charles’s Church in Vienna is considered to be one of the most outstanding baroque churches north of the Alps. The church was built during the reign of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, according to the plans of the famous architect J. B. v. Erlach. St. Charles’s was the imperial patron parish church until 1918 and is still one of Vienna’s greatest buildings today.

The Vienna Concert Orchestra

The Vienna Concert Orchestra centers excellent musicians around the prize-winning Russian violinist Alexandra Tirsu. At a young age, Tirsu won five prizes from national and international violin competitions including the First Prize of the Tokyo International Music Competition in 2014. She gave her debut concert at the age of 8 and has toured nearly all of Europe, Japan, China and the USA.

Our Soloists

Alexandra Tirsu

Violin solo

The prize-winning Russian violinist gave her debut concert at the age of 8 and has toured nearly all of Europe, China, Japan and the USA. In 2014 she was awarded the First prize at the Tokyo International Violin Competition.

Natalia Stepanska


One of the best soloists. She's a professional every moment

Antonio Vivaldi in Vienna

In 1741 Vivaldi went to Vienna hoping to secure a lucrative post from Charles VI, who was a great fan of his music, but the monarch died before granting him an audience. Alone and destitute, Vivaldi succumbed to a heart attack and was buried, that same day, in an unmarked grave at Vienna's Spitaler Gottesacker. This cemetery was abandoned in 1783, and the Vienna University of Technology was built on the grounds in 1818.

Vivaldi's music was almost completely forgotten until 1939, when Alfredo Casella, an Italian composer-conductor, launched a week-long festival featuring "The Four Seasons." Not everyone was thrilled with the revival. Igor Stravinsky allegedly remarked, "Vivaldi did not write 500 concertos, he wrote the same concerto 500 times," but this has been a minority opinion. In 1978, on the 300th anniversary of his birth, a plaque was installed at Vienna Tech to indicate Vivaldi's long-lost gravesite.